A Benefactor’s Story

Dr Lim Tek Ting

Alumnus of Sunway University, PhD in Business. Graduated July 2017

Dr Lim Teck Ting is the first PhD graduate of the Sunway University Business School in 2017 and the founder of Super Memory Map (SMM) Education Group. He founded SMM Education Group in 2002 and today, SMM is one of the leading organisations in Malaysia and Singapore providing a wide range of premier, innovative and interactive, well-researched whole brain development programmes for pupils from age 6 to 12.

SMM Education Group emphasised on providing an all-round education, to develop a whole-rounded child with the imparting of knowledge that is more than a basic element in teaching. To help students lay the foundation of success: SMM’s long term approach to Research and Development, to develop the best education system inclusive of academic, enrichment programme and educational services.

SMM methodology focussed on teaching children how to learn with joy while developing multiple intelligences and life skills. Currently, there are over 1,000 MRC Learning Centres in Malaysia and Singapore, with over 30,000 children having graduated from its centres.

Just recently, Dr Lim had donated RM360,000 to the Jeffrey Cheah Foundation to enable two scholars to pursue Doctor of Philosophy (Business) that focuses the study in the area of entrepreneurship. Sunway University had named the scholarship after SMM Education Group – “SMM Centre for Nested Entrepreneurship Doctoral Scholarship,”, following Dr Lim’s passion for the next generation.


Dr Lim Tek Ting